Breakouts and sometimes problematic acne in teenagers are commonly brought on by hormonal changes and an increase in skin oil production. Children as young as nine years old are susceptible to acne, which can persist until adulthood. Early treatment of acne is crucial, but if it worsens, acne may leave physical scars and create mental shame.

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TEEN Dermaplaning + Diamond Glow Combo


Dermaplaning is a great facial treatment that provides instant gratification without using chemicals. It is a safe manual technique for exfoliating the skin and removing fine vellus hair. A small surgical blade gently scrapes the skin’s surface with light feathery strokes, leaving the skin smooth and clean. However, dermaplaning is not recommended for skin with active acne lesions. Diamond Glow Treatments begin after dermaplaning and provide a deep exfoliation of the top layer of your skin. Then it extracts debris and infuses the skin with a serum designed for your skin. A hydrating and calming mask leaves your skin glowing.

TEEN Microneedling Single


Tiny needles deliver customized serums of nutrients, vitamins, hyaluronic acids, and peptides into the skin. The microneedling is ideal for teens to minimize the appearance of melasma, large pores, and acne.

TEEN Cheeky Blackout Laser Facial


Liquid carbon facial uses a pain-free laser over a layer of liquid carbon. As the carbon dries, it clings to dirt and debris. When the carbon is dry, a laser is painlessly passed across the area, causing carbon particles to heat and destroy the debris and dirt picked up by the carbon layer. Light and carbon penetrate deep into pores to blast away dirt, debris, dead skin, contaminants, and oil. Suitable for any skin type, including sensitive teen skin.

TEEN Diamond Glow


Diamond Glow Facials can be customized to address a wide variety of skin conditions. For example, treatment serums can be blended to help treat teenage acne problems and clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, painful pimples, or the hard deep lumps on the face, neck, and shoulders. Diamond Glow combines non-invasive exfoliation to gently rub away dead skin with the deep delivery of specific solutions and hydration for the skin. There is no downtime, and Diamond Glow is perfect for oily acne-prone teenage skin.

TEEN Microneedling + PRP


Microneedling is minimally invasive and effective for your entire body. Very fine needles create pinpricks along the surface of your skin which helps to improve skin tone and texture. Use PRP made up of your blood to maximize the results.



Using a liquid carbon laser facial, you can have your skin cleansed and exfoliated. Then with a Diamond Glow facial, further cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating can add to glowing and fresh skin. It can be used on the sensitive skin of teens with no downtime and little risk.