Sculptra Aesthetic

With age, your skin’s natural collagen supply decreases and you may start to notice wrinkles and facial aging.

Activate the skin’s natural Rejuvenating process with Sculptra Aesthetic and help replenish lost collagen, the most common protein in the body that supports cells and tissue. This FDA-approved injectable subtly and gradually over time helps restore facial volume.

Sculptra is made of a manmade substance called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLC) used to restore your skin’s underlying structure, help rebuild collagen, and diminishes facial wrinkles. PLLC is absorbed naturally in the body and is used in dissolvable stitches for surgery and minor injuries. Sculptra Aesthetics does not contain human or animal components and is hypoallergenic.

Sculptra Aesthetic is also considered a collagen stimulator that triggers collagen renewal. Sculptra Aesthetic works gradually to restore facial volume. Injections of Sculptra Aesthetic often last for up to two years, since it’s prompting new collagen renewal immediately after the initial treatment.

If you want to look youthful without looking artificial, Sculptra is a good choice for you. Each treatment is placed deep within the dermis, and over time, Sculptra triggers the body to replace collagen; once lost to aging. Sculptra can target everything from chin wrinkles, smile lines, and marionette lines to building that booty or smoothing out that chest. Sculptra is an amazing treatment that should be used prior to, or even simultaneously, with dermal fillers to give an immediate and long-term benefits.

After extensive clinical testing, the FDA approved Sculptra Aesthetic in 2009 for cosmetic purposes. The procedure is an in-office treatment by a certified provider.  The number of Sculptra vials you will need varies and will be done over 3 sessions. For example, if you are 50 years old, the recommended number of vials will be 5, spread over three sessions. With a 2 vial booster yearly after that.

Discuss Sculptra Aesthetic treatment with your aesthetic provider to get the best treatment plan possible.

Sculptra is noninvasive and requires no downtime.  A home massage is required after the treatment. You will need to massage the area for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 5 days. Using the post-injection serum by Alastin improves healing time. CONSULT required for this treatment. NO online booking is available. Three day’s notice is required at this time for this treatment.

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          $800 A VIAL

          $750 A VIAL

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