Cheeky Gold


Enrollment Fee/ $150

GOLD Member Benefits

One FREE service every month

Diamond Glow


Dermaplane+ Diamond Glow combo

Any chemical peel

One CoolTone treatment (up to 3 a year)

Opus Mini (up to 3 a year)


Two vitamin injections for FREE/month: biotin, amino blend, b12, vitamin D, tri immune (Excludes weight loss shot)

15% off skincare/retail

$11 a unit Botox (saves $2 a unit)

$75 off a syringe of filler or Sculptra/Kybella vial 

Save 8% on laser or aesthetic packages (no singles)

Get $200 off the Ohh shot (once per year)

Get $300 off the Viveve vaginal laser (once per year)

Cheeky Silver


Enrollment Fee/ $150

SILVER Member Benefits

One FREE service every month

Diamond Glow


Illuminize/Vitalize chemical peel


10% off skincare/retail

$12 a unit Botox (saves $1 a unit!)

$40 off a syringe of filler or Sculptra/Kybella vial

Save 5% on laser or aesthetic packages (no singles)



Enrollment Fee/ $75

TEEN Member Benefits

One FREE service every month

Teen Diamond Glow

Teen Illuminize Peel

Diamond Glow Body add-on (when purchasing regular teen Diamond Glow)


10% off skincare/retail

Free tote with sign up

Zoe Bliss for $125 (reg. $150)

Save 20% on Chemical Peels



Enrollment Fee/ $75

DRIP Member Benefits

UNLIMITED Vitamin Injections

IV Drips 20% off

Lipo Mino Weight Loss Shot for $35 (reg. $50)

$5 OFF Toradol IV push/IM injection

$10 OFF Glutathione IV Push


  1. A one-time enrollment fee and your first month’s membership fee will be charged at the time of membership initiation for Cheeky Club.
  • DRIP Club: $125/month, $75 enrollment fee
  • Silver Club: $199/month, $150 enrollment fee
  • Gold Club: $329/month, $150 enrollment fee
  • Teen Club: $150/ month, $75 enrollment fee
  1. All services must be used by members only. Non-transferrable. No exceptions
  2. Complimentary Services do expire monthly and do not roll over to the next month.
  3. A 6-month minimum contract is required. Cancellation may occur after the 6-month commitment, but it must be requested by the 15th of the month via email to avoid being charged for the next upcoming month. Cancellations are to be made via email and sent to We will contact you to confirm your account cancellation within 48 hours. Upon cancellation, all remaining vouchers left in the account are immediately forfeit.
  4. Your membership immediately begins the day you set it up–because of this, there is a one-time initiation fee.
  5. Your membership monthly fee will be automatically deducted monthly with a card on the file (on the day you sign up the previous month). If an invalid card or insufficient funds are available on the card, the membership will be canceled immediately, you will be notified and a $150 reinstatement fee will be charged.
  6. If 6-month membership requirement is not met, client will still owe the remaining balance whether reinstated or not. Client will also be responsible for the full cost of all complimentary or discounted services and products received during the shortened club membership. This is a binding contract when you purchase. Client may not receive any services at Cheeky until full balance is paid. Delinquent balances may be sent to collections.
  7. Membership monthly fees cannot be paid for with third-party financing.
  8. If paying with third-party financing for membership-discounted services or products, a 5% fee will be applied
  9. You may use Allé/ Aspire rewards in conjunction with your membership savings at checkout.
  10. Can be used at any Cheeky Location
  11. Skincare discount is for in-office only products or shipped from our office (shipping fees may apply), not online through our online shopping sites.
  12. Retail/ Skincare: ProLash is excluded at this time.
  13. Services purchased or free with the membership cannot be booked with the estheticians
  14. Aesthetic packages refer to micro-needling packages, single profound, specialty single Microneedling (ie. Botox, Sculptra, filler infused Microneedling), and PRP cocktails. Additional services may be added in the future.
  15. Membership discounts cannot be combined with other promos unless stated otherwise stated.
  16. Memberships do not apply to the teen services at this time, except for exclusively the teen membership.
  17. Coolsculpting and Cooltone packages are excluded from memberships at this time.
  18. Rules are subject to change periodically. Please inquire at the main office in Soldotna for questions.
  19. Teens need to have their own patient account (phone and email different from their parents)

DRIP Club: Please be advised that we are not checking your labs prior to starting. We ask that you please keep us updated if any symptoms arise as we may need to adjust your dosing. We have partnered with MedPhysicials to provide discounted services for your convenience. We are happy to consider these labs when treating you with therapeutic vitamins. These services are not meant to treat or cure any disease or medical condition. You are still required to be managed by your primary care provider if any concerns or medical issues should arise.

Soldotna (Kenai)