Cheeky Blackout Laser Facial

Also known as a “carbon peel laser facial”, this treatment utilizes a pain-free laser over a layer of liquid carbon- as the carbon dries it clings to any dirt and debris allowing it to be extracted upon removal. Once dry, a laser will be passed across the treatment area causing the carbon particles to heat up and destroys the debris and dirt picked up by the initial carbon layer. This combination of light and carbon allows deep penetration into pores to blast away built of dirt, debris, dead skin, contaminants, and oil. Safe for all skin types, it cleanses from deep within out while exfoliating, leaving a brighter, rejuvenated complexion with a firmer tone and decreased wrinkles and breakouts.

With little discomfort and no downtime required, this treatment can display immediate results by revealing instantly smoother and refreshed skin. Slight redness immediately following is normal and diminished within several hours. It is important to avoid abrasive chemicals and exfoliants immediately post-treatment and proper sun care with the use of SPF’s is encouraged. With results seen immediately- optimal results are achieved in 4-6 treatments with 2-4 weeks of healing and repair between recommended.



$750 SERIES OF 3

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