PRP Facial Injections

Natural Growth Factor injections can be a stand-alone treatment or used with microneedling. The injections of Natural Growth Factors stimulate new collagen, enhance microcirculation, and the regrowth of new and healthier skin. In addition, natural Growth Factors improve skin texture, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and plump hollowed areas like tear trough grooves, temples, and cheeks. Natural Growth Factors also smooth acne and surgical and injury scars.

Natural Growth Factors used as facial injections may need to be delivered monthly for three consecutive months. Results of rejuvenated and fresher skin from Natural Growth Factors last for nine to 18 months.

It usually takes about an hour to complete Natural Grow Factor injections. A certified skin care professional will also use a topical anesthetic cream to keep for comfort.

Natural Growth Factors are much safer than dermal fillers, and the results are often better than with a dermal filler.

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