Spray Tans

You want that golden tan that comes from the sun! So here you go, goodbye orange and hello sunless tanning spray, Gorgeous!

To get your skin ready for a natural tan, we have tips and tricks that intensity tanning results.

  • Moisturize
  • Do not shower again or apply lotion

What to do immediately after your tan

24 hours before your spray tan, shower and exfoliate all areas of your body

Now you are ready for your tan!

Four hours after your tan, take a warm shower without soap and rinse until water runs clear. After that, rub your skin with your bare hands only. Twenty-four hours after your tan, you can take a normal shower and rinse with soap.
The types of tans we offer are a clear tan, tan with a bronzer, or a rapid tan with a bronzer. The professional spray tan artist will customize the best shade for you.

Take Care of your Tan!

Maintain and extend your tan with products that rejuvenate, nourish, rebuild, and replenish your skin. Check with Cheeky to see what products we have available to support your spray tan. Spray tans are meant to last five to seven days. We advise you repeat your spray tan in 5-7 days to keep your golden glow going!

Norvell Venetian Tanning Products

Norvell Venetian is:

  • 91% rated as the most trusted tanning product for providing a natural-looking tan
  • 93% of users rate Norvell as the most trusted to avoid an orange undertone
  • 93% of users rate Norvell as the number one selling brand
  • 93% of all spa owners choose Norvell for their personal use.

Our tanning solutions are formulated with Natural Color Complex derived from natural and organic ingredients, Vio7, or a blend of botanicals.

We use Oronone® technology to eliminate the sunless tanning odor you get from other tanning products.

We have multiple shades of bronzer to enhance your tan.

Our tanning products are gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, non-comedogenic, 100% vegan, and nut allergy-free.

Prices & Info

Full Body | $65

Upper Body | $40

Legs Only | $35

Extra layer | $5

Face/Chest| $30


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