Kybella treatment

The presence of a double chin can be an annoying issue for many. They would have tried all the facial and overall body exercises with a strict diet with no improvements in reducing this feature. Watching in the mirror and sighing a double chin can be disappointing and have a huge impact on the self-esteem of the individual. If you’re not satisfied with the presence of stubborn double chin fat, there is a non-surgical option that offers practical and long-term results, Kybella treatment. It is the only approved injectable procedure for burning the under-chin fat.

How Will Kybella Treatment Work?

  • The active ingredient present in Kybella is a manmade deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is responsible for the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. As it is injected into the fat under the chin, Kybella eliminates the fat cells, causing a visible decrease in fullness under the chin.
  • As the fat cells are eliminated once, they lose their ability to store fat and do not require another follow-up session as you reach your desired results. It is the primary and only FDA-approved injectable for destroying double chin fat. It has been used off-label in treating fat across love handles, abdomen, and bra roll- front and back.
  • Treatment is effective only if performed by a skilled and qualified healthcare specialist. Every treatment will include the administration of several injections via tiny needles under the chin. The complete treatment will take around 15 to 20 minutes. The precise number of total injections will be reliant on the amount of fat present under the chin and the desired results.
  • As everyone’s chin profile is unique, the number of treatments will differ across every individual. The experienced healthcare specialist will aid in knowing the exact number of sessions required depending on the fat accumulation and final aesthetic goals. If multiple sessions are required, they should have a gap of at least one month between every session, with a maximum of 6 sessions.
  • Even though the majority of individuals have seen successful results from this treatment, a skilled doctor can find if this treatment is the right option for every individual. It is a safe and successful treatment for adults if performed under expert supervision.

How Do You Know If Kybella Is Right For You?

1.If You Have Done All Other Things For Destroying The Double Chin: 

If you are eating balanced food, performing strenuous exercises, and having good overall health, but not able to solve the double chin issues, it could be the best choice. Speak to a reliable aesthetic expert to know if it is the right treatment.

2.The Skin Is In Overall Good Health:

If the skin is in overall good condition, implying without any sagging skin issues, Kybella could be your best choice. People with issues of sagging skin and severe skin laxity especially under the chin and neck will have to go for other skin treatments. While this treatment will tighten the skin only for a minimal amount and will not improve any sagging issue or skin laxity.

3.Worried About Surgical Options:

If you are highly worried about surgical procedures but want to solve the submental fat problem, this could be an ideal solution.

4.You Don’t Have Any Excess Weight In Other Regions:

People who opt for this treatment will get ideal results if they maintain almost close to the same weight they were while they received the treatment. Even though the destroyed fat cells under the chin will lose their ability to accumulate fat, the adjacent fat cells can expand and accumulate fat. This will enhance the need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

5.Pre-Treatment Consultation:

A crucial part of the treatment is the first step of initial consultation which will involve an explanation of the treatment from a skin expert and what are the expectations from the procedure. You must be smart enough to ask all the queries to be sure about your eligibility for the procedure.

The double chin region will be examined thoroughly as every individual will have specific skin concerns. The double chin region and the overall skin health will be examined to check the suitability for the treatment.

The total number of injections you get during treatment will be reliant on this initial consultation and analysis.

Who Is Not Supposed To Take Kybella Treatment?

Kybella is not suited or rather strictly not advised for the below individuals including:

  • Nursing or pregnant, women.
  • If the double chin is not caused due to fat accumulation instead it is caused by sagging skin or jaw bone near the neck region.
  • Previous surgeries like facelift, neck lift, or liposuction on or near the neck. Such individuals will require to completely explain their medical history and the aesthetic expert will tell if you are suitable to receive Kybella.
  • It is wiser to discuss the treatment options and expectations about the procedure and ensure to craft an individual plan.

Why Is Kybella A Popular Treatment?

Kybella is planned to eliminate submental fat and enhance the appearance of the region under the chin with only procedure to get approval from the FDA for this purpose.

Treatment is performed in the office, so do not demand any surgical incisions.

Kybella is manufactured from the synthetic version of deoxycholic acid naturally produced by the body to dissolve dietary fat, so will rarely cause any adverse effects.

When performed under the hands of an expert professional, they will be fast and involve no downtime without causing any surprises.

The majority of individuals will see significant improvement in their double chin issues as per proven studies.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking to enhance the appearance by reducing the double chin issue, it is highly crucial to find an experienced and qualified skin expert like Cheeky Medspa at Alaska. With a motive of bringing advanced aesthetics to a small town, generating beauty via natural outcomes and confidence.