Vivive RF Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser

As you age, there are changes in just about every part of your body. For example, we notice our skin starting to sag more and the moisture levels depleting. But do these changes happen in your vagina? YES!! Age, childbirth, exercise, and the environment can cause problems with vaginal health. You can do something to help bring back your sexual health, decrease that vaginal laxity, increase the level of moisture, and improve those urinary incontinence symptoms.

Viveve is a non-invasive, single treatment alternative, resolving many issues related to aging.

Viveve triggers your body’s collagen production, while restoring vaginal wall rigidity that can be lost because of pregnancy, childbirth, genetics, or age. Viveve is great for anyone looking to improve their sexual health, confidence, resolve laxity in the vaginal walls or decrease urinary incontinence (SUI.)

Viveve delivers cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) painlessly. Treatment involves inserting a small and smooth instrument into your vagina. Your internal structures are heated, which triggers collagen production. At the same time, Viveve cools your delicate surface tissues.

The energy produced by Viveve is controlled by algorithms that deliver an even and steady energy to the tissues encouraging a healing response. As a result, Viveve is pain-free, and there is little to no downtime.

The entire vaginal area is tightened with Viveve, and this can give you increased pleasure during intimacy, invigorated vaginal tissue, and increased bladder control. Don’t forget to add the Ohh Shot to give you even better results!

Viveve is gentle, patented, and non-intrusive. A single treatment of 45 to75 minutes, and you are on your way to healing. No side effects are likely to be experienced either during the procedure or after the treatment. Return your to normal daily activities following treatments. It is advised that you wait 48 hours after treatment before intercourse, allowing the tissues to heal and the collagen restoration process to get started.

Vaginal issues are often ignored and overlooked, which means that they are left untreated. Treatments are available.

Within six to twelve weeks, you will notice a visible change in sensitivity, tightness, and improvement of incontinence symptoms. The treatment lasts for up to a year, at which time a repeat treatment is recommend. If you are wanting a second treatment at 6 months, this may occur, but not necessarily needed.


Algorithms control the energy, so and even dispersant of energy can be delivered deep into the tissues to encourage healing. As a result, the procedure is pain-free and has little to no downtime.

The Viveve® System can bring you amazing results in only one treatment

In six to 12 weeks after your treatment, you will feel wonderful results. You will notice a firmer, youthful vaginal wall and a decrease in urinary incontinence. You can go back to work or play after the procedure.

At least 6 weeks and when your OB/GYN clears you for vaginal penetration





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