Brilliant Distinctions

You may have heard about it… but what exactly are Brilliant Distinctions?

A free customer reward program that was created by Allergan!


How do you earn points?…..

You earn points for receiving treatments and purchasing participating portfolio products, such as SkinMedica skincare products.

Treatments at Cheeky that qualify for BD points:

  • ​Dermal Fillers
  • Botox
  • Kybella
  • Chemical Peels
  • SkinMedica Skincare products
  • Latisse
  • Diamond Glow (AKA Dermal Infusion)
​There are other ways to get extra points!!!

  • ​Referring a friend earns you BOTH 200 points!
  • Downloading the app earns you 100 points.
  • Every $150 spent on SkinMedica or Latisse earns you 100 points
  • Diamond Glow treatments (AKA Dermal Infusion).

​You get special offers and promotions just for being a member!

Special Demo

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Brilliant distinctions