We now carry SinEcch™ for your post-procedure and post-injection healing!
This unique high-dose regimen of homeopathic Arnica is backed by 4 clinical studies proving to statistically reduce post-surgical and post-injection bruising and swelling.
SinEcch compares favorably to steroids to statistically reduce post-op swelling! This is a pharmaceutical-grade, safe, and proven supplement.
Available at all 3 Cheeky locations! Comes in a single-day or 4-day regimen pack



Order SINECCHi for a faster recovery after injections, fillers, and minor surgical procedures.
One package of SINECCHi contains 4 capsules and is designed to treat the minor bruising and swelling associated with minor procedures. The capsules are taken every 6 hours for 24 hours, starting at the time of the procedure.
One package of SINECCHi is $12.95.


Order SINECCH for surgical recovery
One package of SINECCH- (homeopathic Arnica Montana) is designed to treat one patient for one surgery. The convenient four-day regimen contains 12 capsules individually labeled to be taken three times a day, starting the day of surgery. This will help speed your recovery.



Single-day pack-$12.95

Four-Day pack-$29.95