Most women will find cellulite on their bodies at some point in their lifetime. You can work out all you want and eat healthy, which are great for fitness and wellness, but these don’t do much to decrease cellulite. Just what is cellulite?

Cellulite isn’t fat, and it isn’t caused by what you eat or even by a lack of exercise. Unfortunately, cellulite is just a part of nature. Several things cause those bumps and dimples under your skin.

  • Skin. Skin thins over time.
  • Hormones and age. One theory states that as estrogen in women decreases, blood flow to the connective tissues decreases. Lower circulation means less oxygen, and this results in lower collagen production.
  • Fat. Fat cells increase and enlarge and push against the skin.
  • Fibrous Bands. Fibrous bands under the skin tighten and cause tension. This is the dimpling or “cottage cheese” effect on your butt.
  • Genetics. Some genes are responsible for cellulite development. Genetic factors can be metabolism, distribution of fat under the skin, ethnicity, and circulatory issues.

Fortunately, you can reduce the signs of cellulite, and one way is a new injection on the market. QWO® is the only FDA-approved non-surgical injectable to help moderate to severe cellulite in certain areas of your body. The product is a prescription medication injected into the cellulite affected area in three treatments, 21 days apart.

Each injection can take as little as ten minutes.

QWO® includes two enzymes called collagenases that target the structural causes of cellulite under the skin. QWO® works by releasing various bands, triggering collagen, and redistributing fat cells.

QWO® is perfectly safe, and visible results may be seen in 10 weeks. Common side effects are injection site bruising, hardness, pain, itching, redness, swelling, and warmth in the treatment area. However, side effects are not permanent and go away within a few days after treatment.

Prices & Info

12 dimples $2000

24 dimples $3000